The Amazing Store

Even after being open for many years, we still get questions about the Amazing Store. Many people know Make a Home Foundation as the organization that helps local veterans and families but are unfamiliar with the roll the Amazing Store plays in Make a Home’s success.

The Amazing Store is an integral part of how Make a Home is able to provide for people. When items are donated by our generous donors the items are brought, stored and potentially sold at the Amazing Store. The Amazing Store uses the “social enterprise business model”, similar to that of Goodwill, which creates a win-win-win situation for those who donate, those who are employed by the Amazing Store and those who purchase products at great prices. All of the revenue made from the Amazing Store is then used by Make a Home Foundation to continue providing for our veterans and families.

The Amazing Store is open to everyone so come on down. You never know what you’re going to find!

See our contact us page for store information.

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