Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Anita B. Pettengill President/Co-Founder
Dan Telesco Vice-President/Co-Founder

Anita Pettengill is president and co-founder of Make a Home Foundation. She cofounded Make a Home in 2010 with her husband Dan Telesco.

Anita and Dan started Make a Home Foundation because of their passion to help those in need. While watching an episode of Oprah that portrayed many female veterans suffering in silence, Anita and Dan realized the urgency of helping our veterans who have fought for our freedom.

Anita’s vision didn’t stop with helping veterans. She felt there were too many people in Connecticut that needed help, so she expanded her reach to not only veterans but all people that fall into poverty for one reason or another. As Anita and Dan attended tag sales, they came to notice that so much is going into our landfills that could be used by people who are homeless and getting back on their feet. From there it began; with a little red pickup truck they started collecting items. Word caught on fast and now Make a Home Foundation operates out of a wonderful 35,000+ square foot building.

Anita resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with her husband, her children and her sister. For many years, Anita worked as counselor and case manager for families with substance abuse problems. As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, Anita has personal experience with PTSD, which she has used to counsel people. She has also worked as real estate agent and has a background in retail sales. Anita started her education at Norwalk Community College. She went on to attend Western Connecticut State University and also attended Real Estate University. Anita has a long history of volunteer work. She has been on the board of various charities and agencies throughout her life.

Anita, along with Make a Home Foundation, has helped improved the lives of thousands of people and is committed to doing so for years to come.

Crew Members

Michael Brown Junior Roldan and Dan Telesco Emmanuel Barron / Warehouse Jennifer Cannerelli / Referral Coordinator Mitchell Sherwood / Driver & Customer Service Ed Casimer / Customer Service

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